Name: Diane Phan

Hello World.

I am seeking ways to express my creativity through code.

about me.

I am currently a third year student studying Statistical Science at the University of California Santa Barbara. I enjoy programming, and I am always eager to learn more about the field of computer science.


I love receiving emails and meeting new people! Feel free to email me at:


My personal website is my current project for this quarter! I am hoping to add a little to it daily so that I can constantly learn and apply my HTML and CSS skills.

My Javascript Art Portfolio

Art Portfolio

Miscellaneous digital artwork programmed in Javascript. Utilized the p5 Javascript library to learn about processing.

"Hack the Girl" A blog to support females in tech.


Sharing some personal experiences and resources to support females in the tech field.

Submission for AthenaHacks 2017 Project


Learned Javascript to build a Google Chrome extension with 2 other members within 24 hours.

My entry for the Disney Tech Scholarship


Submission for the G Suite Innovator Application

Video #1: Marketing with Google Docs


Video #2: Becoming an Innovator at UCSB

gsuite tools